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Various tissues of Phalaenopsis aphrodite and Phalaenopsis V3 hybrid were used in the microarray experiments. The microarray chip (Agilent design ID:030949) was a 25 mm x 75 mm glass slide with 60-mer oligonucleotide probes in a 4 x 180K format. All microarray data were processed by 75% percentile normalization in GeneSpring GX 11 (Agilent, CA, USA) and submitted to the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) database (accession number: GSE29910). RNA samples of PaLeaf, PaRoot, PaFlow, YIF1, YIF2, PaBud and PaStak were isolated from Phalaenopsis aphrodite. RNA samples of V3Peta, V3Sepa, V3Lip, V3Colu, V3Poll, V3Pedi, V3Flow, V3SF1d, V3SF3d, V3SF8d and V3SF15 were isolated from Phalaenopsis V3 hybrid. (Download Microarray)
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