Orchidstra 2.0 - A Transcriptomics Resource for the Orchid Family
We used Blast2GO to generate the Gene Ontology (GO) annotation for each gene. BLASTX search was performed against the NCBI nr database with a threshold E-value of 1E-10 and a maximum of 20 hits for each sequence. Please click species name in the following table to browse the GO term information and genes corresponding to the GO terms. To search for a specific GO term, please go to the advanced search.
Please click species name in the following table for viewing
Epidendroideae Orchidoideae Cypripedioideae Vanilloideae Apostasioideae
P. aphrodite
P. bellina
P. equestris
P. lueddemanniana
P. modesta
P. schilleriana
D. nobile
E. pusilla
O. gowerramsey
G. elata
C. ensifolium
C. sinense
O. italica
O. sphegodes
C. formosanum V. planifolia A. wallichii
N. zollingeri